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Our community website was developed by the Fox Run Homeowners' Association to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community.  Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
~ Latest News ~
Community Events for 2021
Posted on Sep 21st, 2021

• Leaf clean up by Highland
• 2022 HOA budget adopted
• 1st Fall clean up by JHL
• Final mowing and fertilization by JHL
• 2022 HOA budget information sent to Homeowners

• 12/03: Gutter & Downspout cleaning by Highland
• 2nd Fall clean up by JHL
• 12/20, 5pm: Fox Run Community First Annual Holiday Lights competition! Volunteers will be taking a look at all homes the week of December 20th to see which homes have a light design that are “Unique design,” “Most with the least," “Most colorful, “Best theme,” and "Most Holiday Cheer." If you are interested in volunteering to judge, or if you just want to come out and socialize with your neighbors while checking out the lights, meet us at the Front Entrance at 5:00pm (12/20). 

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~ Upcoming Events ~
Holiday Guest Parking
Monday, November 1st to Sunday, January 2nd
Parking Reminder - When hosting a holiday event, please remember to inform your guests of the guest parking areas: the access road, as well as, spaces that are not directly in front of a community member's front door. Consider moving your car(s) to allow your guests to use your spots in front of your door.
Christmas Decoration Season
Wednesday, December 1st to Monday, January 24th
Holiday decorations may be displayed three (3) weeks prior to through approximately three (3) weeks after the holiday, with the exception of Christmas which shall be permitted four (4) weeks prior to through four (4) weeks after the holiday.  

~ Lost & Found ~
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~ What's New on Our Website ~
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