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Our community website was developed by the Fox Run Homeowners' Association to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community.  Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
~ Latest News ~
Community List of Suggested Contractors
Posted on Apr 30th, 2022
Do you have any recommended contractors that you would like to share with other members of the community? Feel free to share your experiences regarding those you are recommending, as well as their contact information, on the Contractor Suggestions page of this site.
This list is provided by community members and not the Fox Run Board of Directors. This is simply a community-provided list of suggestions and you are under no obligation to use anyone from this list. The Fox Run Home Owners association doesn't take any responsibility for loss/damages due to the hiring of anyone listed on this community-contributed list of recommended contractors. 

Community Events for 2022
Posted on Jan 2nd, 2022


• Egan will begin siding repairs and community painting approximately June 13.
   Clusters being addressed first: Cluster 14 (310-318) and Cluster 13 (298-308)
   If homes not using Egan are not repaired by June 13th, the painting may need to be pushed back to July.
• 1st Gutter & Downspout Cleaning (date TBD)
• Mowing (typically Wednesdays)
• 2nd Pruning & Trimming of foundation plants (date TBD)
• Turf Application (grub control) and tree and shrub spray: (late Jun - early Jul)

• Community Siding & Trim painting continues (unless delayed by homes not yet repaired before June 13th)
• Mowing (typically Wednesdays)

• Lasted date the Community Siding & Trim painting should begin in order to commence by winter
• Front doors painting tentatively begins (each cluster will receive a different front-door painting timeframe from Egan)
• Mowing (typically Wednesdays)

• Sidewalk and curbs (identified for repairs in April) tentatively begins
• Community Siding & Trim painting continues
• Front doors painting continues (each cluster will receive a different front-door painting timeframe from Egan)
• Mowing (typically Wednesdays)
• 2nd Fertilization: Turf Application (early fall fertilizer) and tree and shrub spray

Fundraiser for First Community Bench
Posted on Jan 1st, 2022

You can donate at this link GoFundMe link
Bench Image PreviewWe plan to install a Victor Stanley C-10 model bench, Walnut colored at the front of the community behind the monument sign where the sidewalk curves around the tree. We plan to have it sit atop a cement slab wide enough to fit a wheelchair or stroller next to the bench on one side (or on either side if space permits) -- our cement vendor is only charging 'cost' as part of his contribution. The bench on the plaque will read:

   In Memory of
    Chris Murray
Devoted Fox Run

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~ Upcoming Events ~
Rescheduled Trash Pickup (Holiday Schedule)
Monday, July 4th to Saturday, July 9th
INDEPENDENCE DAY (7/4) Schedule Change
Trash & Recycle will be collected Wednesday, July 6
Trash will be collected Saturday, July 9
1st Tuesday (Wednesday, due to Holiday) of the Month Trash Pick Up*
Tuesday, July 5th
Bulk Trash Pick Up
*Note: You must call A.J. Blosenski at 610-942-2707 prior to placing bulk items out for pick up. Tell them Fox Run has a Contracted Pick up for the first Tuesday of the Month. NOT FREE BULK PICK-UP ITEMS: Construction materials, metal appliances or freon items. 

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