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Trash & Recycle

Community Trash & Recycle Services

Weekly Schedule
Tuesdays: trash & recyclables collected early morning, generally 7am*
Fridays: trash collection times can vary between morning and afternoon*
*Consider placing receptacles out the night prior so they can be collected

Holiday Schedule
A.J. Blosenski accepts Christmas trees out with regular trash in the month of January only, provided the following specifications are met: tree must be organic, 4 ft. max-length, with all lights, ornaments and tinsel removed.

Bulk Item Collection
• One Large household item – 1st Tuesday collection of each month
• Excludes hazardous waste, covered electronics, construction debris, metal appliances, mattresses, and box springs:
− Schedule these items for an additional fee by calling A.J. Blosenski at 610-942-2707 (and let them know you are with the Fox Run Community who has a 1st Tuesday of the month pickup)
− Mattresses & box springs charged $50.00/piece and must be wrapped in plastic.
• As a courtesy to AJ Blosenski, we suggest always calling them prior to any heavy items being left for pickup - this will also prevent things from being missed. 
Trash Contract Service Description 
• Curbside Trash Collection: Twice Weekly
• Curbside Recycling Collection: Once Weekly
• Personal Container:
• Limit (10) 32g Cart per Collection
• (2) 20-gallon Recycle Bins
• Paper/Cardboard
• Commingle
• Fox Run homeowners can purchase a new recycling container for $25 by calling A.J. Blosenski at 610-942-2707. Equipment requiring replacement due to normal wear & tear will be covered under warranty & switched as a courtesy.
• Bulk Item Collection
Paint & Materials Debris
• AJ Blosenski can take 5 cans per collection; however, the lids need to be off the paint cans and the cans next to the trash can. This is so they can ensure that the cans are empty or that the paint is 100% solidified. Liquid paint is not acceptable for AJ Blosenski to remove.
• Loose articles are to be bundled or put into a container prior to being collected. 
Yard Debris
• AJ Blosenski will collect yard debris during regular trash pickup so long as the debris is bagged or bundled with the following specifications: 
"Bag or bundle your yard debris. We accept five items at each pick-up. Grass clippings and leaves are required to be placed in bags that are less than 20 lbs. each. Twigs and branches can be bundled less than 3 feet."

Rules & Regulations Regarding Trash & Recycle
• Remember to keep trash receptacles and recycle containers away from the unit front entrances until ready for pickup. Store them out of sight, typically on or under the deck. 
• Place all "loose" trash bags out the morning of trash pickup -- should you place trash out the night prior, it must be in a lidded trash container. Loose white trash bags or grocery bags are not permitted to be left out overnight as they attract small animals that rip through the bags and leave a mess; our trash contract does not include cleaning up these messes.
• Place trash & recycle receptacles at the end of your front lawn, but please do not obstruct the sidewalks.  
If you are going to have a small dumpster outside of your home for a short period of time, please complete an Architectural Request form. Provide the reason for needing it (renovations, roof repairs, etc), the size of the dumpster (one or two parking spots, which would have to be the two spots the homeowner uses) and a reasonably accurate estimate of the timeframe. The homeowner will have to inform both neighbors on either side of the project and get their acknowledgement (there is a spot to record this on the Arch request form) before it can be sent off for Board approval.